What’s Going On?


Band members that have or are still part of Go Freddie Go’s traveling hoopla!

Skeets Mesquita, Paul Filipiuk, Gerard Popma, Keith Farrar, John Dustan, Mark Filipiuk, Paul Martin, Gene Hardy, Peter Jeffrey, Jim Bish, Peter Nunn, Chris Mitchell, Rick Morrison, Danny Marks, Leon Stevenson, Jim Neilsen, Howard Gaul, George Zarb, Dave Tufford, Chris Chambers, Scruff and Mondo!

Bio Information:

Go Freddie Go is a rock and roll dance and party band that began back at The University of Toronto. The band performed many Frat parties and campus dances to rock and roll lovers as an alternative to the synthesized 80’s music of the time. Over the years, the band has continued to do countless corporate functions, weddings and many other events providing enthusiastic entertainment for music and dance lovers. The band provides a wide spectrum of tunes primarily from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s and its philosophy is to maintain an atmosphere of fun and dancing focusing on strong harmony vocals and fast and slow songs that are mostly danceable. The band members all know 100’s of songs and are able to do many requests at events which keeps the audience involved.