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Go Freddie Go has played special events for over 30 years. One of the key elements to throwing a great party is to have great entertainment. Go Freddie Go band gives your guests a great show as well as providing great music. We want to see your guests dancing and having a great time, and pride ourselves in being able to play favourite songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that everyone recognizes. We read the crowd and base our music selection on what will keep people dancing. We know hundreds of songs and are happy to take requests. Our goal is to have your dance floor packed the whole evening.

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We have performed at everything from weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, New Years gala’s, bar mitzvahs’, openings, reunions, street festivals, lobster festivals, retirement parties, birthday parties and private events. As an event organizer, you can rest assured that you will have one less thing to worry about. We are professional musicians who have played at all types of venues, and consistently deliver top rate entertainment to make your event a great success!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have?

We have over 30 years experience playing together as a band. We know what it takes to have a successful event. We have performed at weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, New Years gala’s, bar mitzvahs’, openings, reunions, street festivals, lobster festivals, retirement parties, birthday parties and private events. We know what songs work best with each crowd, when to take a break and when to keep playing, and when to adjust the volume. We are flexible with special requests. You can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands and that the details of your event will be handled professionally.

Why book a live band over a DJ?

Most people have been at events where there is either a DJ or live band and have seen the difference for themselves. It’s like a concert for people to watch. Since not all guests are dancers, a live band gives the non-dancers an entertaining show rather than just watching the dance floor.

Can you please a mixed crowd, from our friends, our parents and our grandparents?

The reason why Go Freddie Go is frequently hired is because the music we play pleases most age groups. Most people, from the 20-somethings to the retiree’s still adore the classic songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. From slower ‘crooner’ type songs for the grandparents, to reggae, rock, R&B, soul, and pop, our focus is on pleasing the majority of people, and playing songs that most people recognize and love to dance to.

How many musicians do we book? What are the options?

The band is available in different sizes, from a 3 piece trio to a 14 piece orchestra. For most weddings, we perform as a 5 piece band which consists of a lead singer, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Both guitar and bass sing as well which makes for great 3-part harmonies. In addition, other instruments can be added, for example a saxophone, and/or trumpet, and/or baritone saxophone or trombone. We find that adding a 3 piece horn section to make the band an 8 piece total, really enhances the sound for events of a larger size. We have done many events over the last 30 years with every size of band. Whatever your preference may be, each size can provide a great night of dancing, one song after another.

Are you available on our wedding day?

Please fill out the price quote form and we will get back to you right away.

Have you played at our venue before?

We have played at nearly every venue in the GTA. We have played at most golf clubs, hotels, banquet halls, and event theatres. To see a list of venues that we have performed at in the past.

When do you set up?

We find out when your guests are arriving and set up well in advance before then. We co-ordinate the details with you prior to the day and have cell phones to make sure you can reach us on the day of the event. We set up quickly and with minimum disruption to the organizers and catering staff. It usually takes less than 1 hour to get our equipment in place.

Will we be in good hands?

Having been around for over 30 years, our strongest marketing is word of mouth. We get most of our business from people who have referred us because we get great feedback after each performance. We have high standards and never stop aiming higher. We want you to have a great time, and hopefully have no hesitation referring us to your friends.

Are you a traditional wedding band?

No. We don’t read charts, and we don’t do the chicken dance (unless asked for!) Your wedding should be a fun party, and we are a band that makes that happen.

Can you do Jewish weddings?

YES! We have done many Jewish weddings, and we have done 5 minute Horas, up to 30 minute Horas.

What about your volume level? I don't want it too loud.

Go Freddie Go prides themselves on playing a volume that is right for dancing, and right for having a conversation. We bring enough equipment to fill a room nicely, but not to overpower an event. Good music doesn’t need to be loud, just well preformed.

How will band be dressed?

Go Freddie Go always performs in suits for a wedding. We can accommodate any dress code requested, including tuxedos.

Can you make announcements for us?

Yes. We have a PA system and are happy to make announcements for you. You are also welcome to use the PA system during the event.

How long does band perform?

Normally the band is ready to start playing for post dinner festivities at 8:30pm. Our first set is roughly 2 hours which gives older guests a chance to fill their dance cards. We then take a short break and then continue for the rest of the evening until 1am. We are flexible with respect to set/break times to accommodate your wishes. We like to play, and want your guests up dancing as much as possible.

What happens when band is on break?

We always bring a CD player and/or IPOD so that the music can continue. We can play whatever music you like during the break, although we normally keep the dance songs going. The CD player or IPOD can also provide cocktail or dinner music if you wish.

Can you perform extra sets?

Yes, we can perform extra sets or dinner music for an additional charge.

How far in advance do you book?

Booking early is always a good idea to avoid disappointment. Most weddings are booked up to a year in advance.

How far will you travel?

The band is based in the Greater Toronto area however we have done many events across Canada and internationally including, Whistler, Geneva, Paris, and Moscow. Circumstances willing, the band can perform anywhere.

Do we need to feed the band?

No, we are professional musicians who show up ready to perform. It’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Can we hear the band play?

You can preview any of the songs on the Song Demo page of our website. You can also join our fan club list and we will email you when we are playing a public performance. We also post this information on the front page of our website.

What equipment do you provide?

We provide everything that we will need to perform for the event. Go Freddie Go assists in any extra equipment ie. lighting ideas or extra sound that might be necessary depending on the venue. We are happy to help with suggestions for ways to save on cost, volume level, enjoyment and overall ambiance of the whole evening.

Does the band require a stage?

The band does not need a lot of space. We like to play at ground level with the guests (depending on the size of an event) as it tends to be more intimate and gives people an opportunity to connect with the band and make requests.

Does the band perform outdoors?

Yes! And performing outdoors is fun and adds a certain excitement to the venue.

Can we use DJ in addition to the band?

Absolutely! The band prides itself on making you event the most memorable. If there is a style of music that the band is not well versed in ie. Rap, or other styles not in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s era, we have no problem with a DJ service to help supplement your wishes. We don’t take many breaks but the band is flexible to allow you to have the total music experience that you want for your event.

Can you learn a special request song?

Yes. We have learned many special songs for weddings and private parties provided that it fits with the sound style of the band i.e. is not the type of song that is most preferable to listen to the way it was recorded (for example “At last” by Etta James – which a lot of people like as a first dance at their wedding) We are totally amenable to learning what songs are functionally performable for the band to do.

Can our friend perform with the band?

Yes, your friend is welcome to perform with the band.

How is the band paid?

Once the date is confirmed, we ask for a 25% deposit. The balance is due at the end of the function.

What happens if someone is sick?

This is very rare. However, there have been many musicians who have played with us over the years that a substitute is always ready.

Can you help me with other questions?

Yes, with pleasure. Please call Paul Filipiuk at 416 485-4899 or email at